Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jack Chick's 'Doom Town'

"It's that time again!", as Jack is fond of saying to the kids in his local park as he wanders through handing out his creepy tracts.  Doom Town is described on Chick's website as "Story of Sodom. Delivers a compassionate plea to repent of homosexuality.", but not only is that a pretty anemic description, it's completely false.  If they wanted to be a little more accurate, here's what it'd read:
"Homosexuals are terrorists who will give you AIDS if you don't let them convert your children.  Instills fear and loathing in the heterosexual, and attempts to scare homosexuals into turning straight."

Monday, March 15, 2010

Why You Should Kiss Hank's Butt:

Here's a nice little dialogue: Allow Me To Introduce Hank...

It certainly makes me want to go around door to door and try and convert people to kissing Hank's butt!  After all, if you do, he'll give you a million dollars - and if you don't, he'll kick the crap out of you!  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Infinitely More Loving Than God

 Yet another comment I made on one of Ray Comfort's blog posts.  It does seem like a bit of a trend as of late, but my motivation to work on this blog is powered by just how incensed I am about any particular topic, and I haven't really had any experiences with a lot of the other things I plan to cover, recently.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Those Tricky Atheists!

Before I begin, let me mention that I've joined the Atheist Blogroll - which should be visible on the side of the page.

Now, a post from our friend Ray - I was 'lucky' enough to stumble across it before anyone else had gotten a chance to comment, so here's my take:

Friday, March 5, 2010


Something that I posted on Ray Comfort's blog - not the entirety of my feelings on the matter, but perhaps sufficient.

Solomon posted:

Rock Sprites, you must be of singularly weak mind and constitution if you have seriously been 'hurt' by pornography.

Besides that, this sounds like a great idea to bring to universities in Melbourne - I'll start calling around today!

Porn for Bibles, what a concept! Thanks, Ray!

Rock Sprites posted:

Yes, thank you for that. I'm sorry that members of my own family would get off to it and then feel the need to molest me when I was a child. Thank you. I appreciate your sympathy.

That tends to hurt a kid, don't you think? I was very susceptible to pornography when I was a kid because of this. It's painful that people are so uneducated in this area. You cannot do whatever you want without other people being hurt. I guess this is a separate idea. I don't like to rant in comments, either. This is just a very touchy subject for me.

I don't suppose we can convince people of much over the internet, which is why I usually just refrain from commenting here altogether. I would just like to be an example, I guess. It makes me sad when people claim that pornography doesn't hurt people. There are many people who are addicted to it and need support in order to overcome it. Look it up, please, as I am not allowed to post links here.

I understand that many atrocities have been committed in the name of Chirstianity throughout the ages, and are still being committed today in the name of God. It makes me miserable to see charlatans like Benny Hinn, Todd Bently, and Paula White making millions of dollars off of the unsuspecting public.

But these people are not following the example of Christ. They are only concerned with the things of this world, with having material things and power. And it destroys people. It hurts people.

To encourage young people to trade in their Bibles for porn is so sad and shallow. I'd rather see more gentlemen in the world than have to worry about whether or not my boyfriend is going to be looking at porn when I'm not around. Men and women are not objects. If people think that the Bible is so horrible, why replace it with something like this? It makes no sense.

Solomon posted:

I understand that many atrocities are committed by people who have also viewed pornography - but these people are mentally unbalanced to begin with. Nothing innate in pornography causes you to go out and molest people.

I assumed your admission of harm was talking of your own adult experiences - I'm sorry that you suffered child abuse, but blaming pornography for the depravity of your family members is a dangerous thing - to allow people to say 'I'm not a child molester, I was under the influence of pornography' is allowing them to pass off responsibility onto something that doesn't deserve nearly as much bad press as it gets.

I looked it up as you suggested, and it comes across as something that the jury is very much out on. 'Addiction' to pornography has no chemical basis such as usually characterize an addiction, besides a potential Pavlovian conditioning to the pleasurable aspects.
The evidence for a condition of addiction to pornography has significantly less evidence backing it up than evolution. If you don't think evolution is true or that it lacks sufficient evidence, you can't possibly believe in an addiction to pornography - you might as well be saying "I don't believe that the ground is solid, but I do believe that leprechauns sprinkle magic dust in my eyes to make me sleepy, with the evidence being the gunk in your eyes when you wake up."

So again, your history of child abuse is tragic, but pornography didn't molest you, your parents did.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jack Chick's 'No Fear?'

Suicide...The subject is common among teens today. But when Lance decides it is the only way out of his troubles, he discovers that hell is not the party place described in popular songs.
Neither I nor my roommate have ever heard any songs describe hell as a 'party place'...maybe we're just not listening to the right songs?
Even if songs did describe hell as a party place, only a complete moron would actually believe that a) The singer had actual knowledge of hell and b) hell is not fictional.  Jack Chick does believe that witches and the like have real powers, though, so maybe he believes musicians really do receive inspiration from Satan.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jack Chick's 'Crazy Wolf'

Based on a story of Native Americans, this is a classic head-to-head battle between God and Satan. Guess who wins?
Satan?  Can't be God, that's too cliché.
Welcome, friends, to an evening around the campfire with that master of horror, Jack Chick! From demons to black magic to witches and warlocks, Jack Chick knows it and writes it like only the greatest author-artist can!  Chill in that most sublime of terrors - an omnipotent being that will condemn you eternally for failing to follow an arbitrary and nonsensical rule!  Terrifying!